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Karchnu cbf3675e49 H2TB: fin de la relecture. 6 months ago
Karchnu 00cfe59ef4 Macro: redefining the HD macro within the TITLE one. 6 months ago
Karchnu d94ba43d9d Against white feminism: some work on phrasing. 6 months ago
Karchnu 141f88c526 Universe from nothing: annexes. 6 months ago
Karchnu 4f89ce5721 H2TB : quelques bricoles pour rendre le document plus fluide. 6 months ago
Karchnu 8e2d242230 ISBN 7 months ago
Karchnu 9005eae8b3 Histoire de ta bêtise. 7 months ago
Karchnu cf38313eed Bib: God Is Not Great, presse. 7 months ago
Karchnu 1752f9e5c4 Histoire de ta bêtise : travail de rédaction en cours. 7 months ago
Karchnu 33f5efdfab New macros. 7 months ago
Karchnu 60ccf51b4f Histoire de ta bêtise : quelques dernières notes avant la rédaction finale. 7 months ago
Karchnu fdd9d86188 Histoire de ta bêtise: presque fini 7 months ago
Karchnu f65e71cf75 Style for important dates, PIC code simplification. 11 months ago
Karchnu 90ab23350c Macros and makefile: small fixes. 11 months ago
Karchnu 527c3f98d5 new macros, small pic fix on gravitational lensing, troffrc 11 months ago
Karchnu ae36e5cd43 new scripts 11 months ago
Karchnu c66de17ece macros, histoire de ta bêtise 11 months ago
Karchnu 05fd0bd2bd book-summary-macros.ms 1 year ago
Karchnu 39169d3c91 book-summary-macros.ms 1 year ago
Karchnu 2abfe21b8c How to stop worrying: small fix. 1 year ago
Karchnu 096e82d860 Against white feminism: last comments. 1 year ago
Karchnu c5d2a9b8df Add groff option to read a custom troffrc: -M ~ 1 year ago
Karchnu ac173009da New macros. 1 year ago
Karchnu d073e77e2d draft: against white feminism. 1 year ago
Karchnu 926faa4793 How to stop worrying... and universe from nothing: new macros. 1 year ago
Karchnu 5ebb5b654b Macros: contain current date, redundant text between book summaries. 1 year ago
Karchnu 1c608bc34a Makefile: RAM -> ODIR 1 year ago
Karchnu bbd62b1428 Source-highlight output definition configuration. 1 year ago
Karchnu df9278fd39 Draft: how to stop worrying and start living. 1 year ago
Karchnu 7a987eb05e Standardized Makefiles. 1 year ago
Karchnu 9e4b66cd22 utf8 and source-highlight scripts 1 year ago
Karchnu 4c18fc5c63 New macros. 1 year ago
Karchnu 99e6854749 utf8-to-ms.sh updated. 1 year ago
Karchnu 29a8102919 utf8-to-ms.sh script. 1 year ago
Karchnu 4b8227d9fb Makefile: rework. 1 year ago
Karchnu eb58586a8d Chapter 3: WIP. 1 year ago
Karchnu f716906ac1 Minor presentation changes. 1 year ago
Karchnu 0fb5dd5ba0 Macros: footnotes changed. 1 year ago
Karchnu d56e71312e First public show. 1 year ago
Karchnu 33cf913075 Chapter 2: almost finished. 1 year ago
Karchnu 0be8e1fb2b Massive improvements over the first chapter, annexes, preface and macros. 1 year ago
Karchnu 98bc15a89c First draft (preface and almost half of chapter 1). 1 year ago