Document-oriented DataBase. A full Crystal database management without SQL, storing data in plain files.

Updated 2024-07-02 17:00:29 +02:00

This is the Common LISP version of the project. For the Crystal version, see

Updated 2022-10-25 19:49:59 +02:00

Web client of the DNS manager. Old code history:

Updated 2024-07-10 00:57:25 +02:00

`dnsmanager` is a server application for the `netlibre` website allowing to manage domain names and their zones. This application is to be combined with its web interface and the `authd` service for authentication.

Updated 2024-07-07 11:40:30 +02:00

CBOR library for the Crystal language. Similar to the JSON-mapping implementation.

Updated 2020-12-01 15:14:46 +01:00

Cbor Query program. Also contains json-to-cbor application.

Updated 2020-11-30 04:56:28 +01:00

This is a fork of git://

Updated 2020-12-21 02:32:53 +01:00

A zsh-powered tool that writes plain, simple Makefiles.

Updated 2023-02-08 11:20:05 +01:00

Basic tools for Baguette projects based on the crystal language. Currently implemented: logging system.

Updated 2024-02-20 23:18:55 +01:00

Authentication server providing tokens for users. Usable by all libIPC services.

Updated 2024-07-10 17:56:05 +02:00

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