A zsh-powered tool that writes plain, simple Makefiles.
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A zsh-powered tool that writes plain, simple Makefiles.

CLI usage

usage: ./build.zsh [OPTIONS]

   -h, --help           Print this help message.
   -c, --colors         Use colors in your Makefiles
                        (relies on zsh/colors and your current $TERM)
   -g, --gnu            Sell your soul for gmake-dependent features.

You should REALLY use -c, at least because the Makefiles look cooler.

Generating a Makefile

$ ls project.zsh
$ build.zsh
Generating Makefiles...

Installation with pre-built Makefile

Running make help gives the following output for build.zsh.

 :: build_zsh-0.2.1

Generic targets:
    - help           Prints this help message.
    - all            Builds all targets.
    - dist           Creates tarballs of the files of the project.
    - install        Installs the project.
    - clean          Removes compiled files.
    - uninstall      Deinstalls the project.

CLI-modifiable variables:
    - CC             cc
    - CFLAGS         
    - LDFLAGS        
    - DESTDIR        
    - PREFIX         /usr/local
    - BINDIR         /usr/local/bin
    - LIBDIR         /usr/local/lib
    - SHAREDIR       /usr/local/share
    - INCLUDEDIR     /usr/local/include

Project targets: 
    - build.zsh      script
    - build/binary.zsh script
    - build/crystal.zsh script
    - build/library.zsh script
    - build/moon.zsh script
    - build/ofile.zsh script
    - build/script.zsh script
    - build/sharedlib.zsh script
    - build/staticlib.zsh script

Makefile options:
    - gnu:           false
    - colors:        false

Rebuild the Makefile with:
    zsh ./build.zsh

A similar output is shown for any project having a Makefile that was generated with build.zsh.

The help message is updated when variables are defined from the command line. For example, running make PREFIX=/opt/foo help will show that most of the directory variables have changed. make help is a great tool to check youre configuring your build just right before spending ours compiling or installing your software!

The traditionnal make && make install still apply to softwares configured with build.zsh. Actually, you could call it build.zsh && make && make install.

build.zsh uses itself to generate its Makefile. If you wanna install it, you should know how to at this point. :)

Project configuration

Example: build.zsh

package=build_zsh # Name of the package.
version=0.2.1     # Version of the package.

targets=(build.zsh)     # The things to build or install.
type[build.zsh]=script  # How theyre built.

# Using a for loop to add more targets.
# In this example, were registering scripts for installation.
for i in build/*.zsh; do

	# Installation in a non-default directory.

	# Targets marked as “auto” wont appear in `make help`.

# Files to add to tarballs through `make dist`.
dist=(build.zsh.in build/*.zsh project.zsh Makefile)

Running build.zsh will generate a new Makefile. :)

Dont hesitate to add -c and -g to improve the Makefiles appearance.


If your build.zsh-generated Makefile is buggy, you can run make with the Q= variable to show everything thats happening.

Example: make Q= build.