This currently is a test to create a new kind of (very simple) parser that could handle arbitrary error messages. I want my errors to be easily translated in different languages, so they shouldn't be arbitrary strings.

Updated 2024-03-07 00:17:55 +01:00

This is a copy of the repository from semarie (with very few differences):

Updated 2024-03-23 01:40:14 +01:00

This is a generic mailer. It can be used to send emails via a template. In a near future, it will be able to be a daemon so we can request it through libipc.

Updated 2023-02-04 03:16:08 +01:00

Experimental Löve-like APIs for game programming.

Updated 2021-04-19 22:11:37 +02:00

OLD IMPLEMENTATION. The new one is in Zig and fucking ROCKS: Inter-Process Communication library based on unix sockets.

Updated 2024-06-18 21:15:51 +02:00

This is a prequel to ``. Conserved for historical reasons and as a Crystal code example.

Updated 2024-06-18 21:18:58 +02:00

Document-oriented DataBase. A full Crystal database management without SQL, storing data in plain files.

Updated 2024-06-02 01:38:06 +02:00

Experimental Löve-like APIs for game programming.

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