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Prototype for a dnsmanager homepage


Create a new article

Create a new folder in the content/blog/YEAR/ folder. is the English version, with the extension prefixed by the language code for translations.

Each post has some TOML metadata attached. This is called a frontmatter, and the available variables are described in the Zola documentation:

title = "My article"
date = 2020-03-29

My article!

Post summaries

The post summary is taken from the first part of the article. If you add a <-- more --> tag, everything before that will be treated as the post summary.


How to add a new language

Adding a language is not hard, but it takes a few steps. The example here takes fr as language code for french translations, just replace it with your own language.

In config.toml:

  • declare the language in the languages variable: {code = "fr", rss = true}
  • translate the basic template strings in the translations section:
source = "Source de cette page"
readmore = "Lire la suite"

Now you can translate the Markdown pages in the content folder. The translated page should have the language code before the .md extension, like The homepage is translated from content/, and some common parts (such as the navigation bar) are located in the content/_common folder.

Warning: don't forget to copy the placeholder section file for year-folders in the blog, otherwise no article will appear on your language's blog. You can safely copy content/2020/ to, say, content/2020/


  • blog
    • basic blog
    • pagination
    • summaries
  • i18n
    • pages
    • blogposts
    • other strings in the templates