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# dnsmanager-website
Prototype for a dnsmanager homepage
Prototype for a dnsmanager homepage
# Blog
## Create a new article
Create a new folder in the content/blog/YEAR/ folder. index.md is the English version, with the extension prefixed by the language code for translations.
Each post has some TOML metadata attached. This is called a frontmatter, and the available variables are described in the [Zola documentation](https://www.getzola.org/documentation/content/page/#front-matter):
title = "My article"
date = 2020-03-29
My article!
## Post summaries
The post summary is taken from the first part of the article. If you add a `<-- more -->` tag, everything before that will be treated as the post summary.
# Translations
## How to add a new language
Adding a language is not hard, but it takes a few steps. The example here takes `fr` as language code for french translations, just replace it with your own language.
In config.toml:
- declare the language in the languages variable: `{code = "fr", rss = true}`
- translate the basic template strings in the translations section:
source = "Source de cette page"
readmore = "Lire la suite"
Now you can translate the Markdown pages in the content folder. The translated page should have the language code before the .md extension, like `index.fr.md`. The homepage is translated from content/_index.md, and some common parts (such as the navigation bar) are located in the content/_common folder.
Warning: don't forget to copy the placeholder section file for year-folders in the blog, otherwise no article will appear on your language's blog. You can safely copy content/2020/_index.md to, say, content/2020/_index.fr.md.
- [ ] blog
- [x] basic blog
- [ ] pagination
- [x] summaries
- [x] i18n
- [x] pages
- [x] blogposts
- [x] other strings in the templates