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# What
`mailer` is an application to send templated emails.
Templates are in the [Crinja format][crinja] (a Jinja derivative).
# Get some help.
mailer -h
# Sending a mail
# One-shot email transfer. "login" and "token" are template parameters.
# mailer send <template> <email> \
SUBJECT="Activate your email" \
login=mypseudo \
token=aabbccdd \
mailer send activation-email
By default, configuration is:
- smtp deamon host is '', port 25
- template directory is `/etc/mailer/templates/`
- FROM and SUBJECT (mail object) are retrieved from environment variables
So, in the previous example, without any configuration, the template *activation-email* refers to the file `/etc/mailer/templates/activation-email.j2` (the `j2` extension is for Jinja).
The `/etc/mailer/templates/activation-email.j2` template could look like this:
Hello and welcome to!
To activate your account, please follow the link bellow:{{ login }}/{{ token }}
Thanks for trusting us!
Have a good day,
Staff of
# Configuration
As most programs from `Baguette` repositories, a configuration file can be used.
The configuration file should be either in `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/baguette/` (first guess) or in `/etc/baguette/`.
In `mailer`, this file is used to configure:
- how to contact the smtp deamon (host and port)
- what directory should be used for templates
- *FROM* and *SUBJECT* email fields
An exhaustive example:
# ~/.config/baguette/mailer.yml
# SMTPd configuration.
smtpd_host: localhost
smtpd_port: 25
# Where to find templates, if not in the defaut directory (/etc/mailer/templates/).
templates_directory: /etc/mailer/templates
# Configuration for each template.
# Template name, associated to the mail configuration: "from" and "subject" headers.
# Template names match the template file name in the template directory.
# In this example, the following template file is:
# /etc/mailer/templates/
subject: Account activation on the website
subject: Mail recovery for the website