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First of all, these scripts helped me to record my first video.
Here is my [youtube channel][beautemusculation] to see the result.
# Scripts to record videos
Both `` and `` do exactly what their name is saying.
These are simple ffmpeg calls.
Their unique parameter is the output filename.
Since I use them on OpenBSD the audio driver is sndio and not Alsa or OSS or PulseAudio or whatever.
# Recording the camera
I don't record my face from my camera in a separate video stream.
I just display my camera feed in a window thanks to `` and my whole screen is recorded with ``.
There are two optional parameters: brightness and saturation.
Don't hesitate to tweak a bit this script: there are a few hardcoded ffmpeg parameters, such as a very low quality video size.
# Synchronize audio and video
The scrpt `` is to include in your environment.
It adds a few shell functions, using ffmpeg and mpv to help mixing and synchronizing audio and video.
- stereo2mono: my first error was to record a mono input in stereo, so I had audio only on the left side.
This fixes the issue by removing the superflous empty track.
Side note: since then, `` was corrected (see `-ac 1` option).
- please_read: I'm like super lazy.
This launches mpv with both video and audio without having to specify both files and the mpv option.
Just read the source, the function is obvious.
- avsync: this is the core function to synchronize audio and video.
Usage: `avsync video audio delay output`.
- avs: did I mention I'm lazy?
This function is just me not wanting to type all `4` parameters for avsync.
Again, read the source code, it's obvious.
# Forget about
This script _probably_ does work if your computer is powerful enough.
That's not the case for mine.