This is a simple template to play with websockets, IPC (libipc) communications and Halogen. Nothing serious.
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This is a template for starting a fresh project using the purescript-halogen library for declarative user interfaces.


This guide assumes you already have Git and Node.js installed with npm somewhere on your path.

In the PureScript ecosystem Bower is the most commonly used package manager and we'll be relying on it for this project, so if you don't already have it, you can install it like this:

npm install --global bower

Getting started

First clone the repo and step into it:

git clone my-halogen-project
cd my-halogen-project

If you already have a global installation of the PureScript compiler and Pulp, you can run:

npm install --production

If you want to install a local copy of the PureScript compiler and Pulp then just run the usual:

npm install

npm install is required for Halogen due to its dependency on virtual-dom. A postinstall script should have installed the remaining Bower dependencies.


The project can now be built with:

npm run build

This will build the PureScript source code, run Browserify on the output, and produce a bundled JS file with virtual-dom and the PureScript-compiled JS as dist/app.js.

This is an alias for the Pulp command:

pulp browserify --to dist/app.js

If you open dist/index.html you should now have a basic working Halogen app.

That's pretty much it. Have fun with Halogen!