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Philippe Pittoli c94a509f0d Project now compiles.
9 months ago
Dirk Dühr 4f63b52638
Updated purescript, spago and parcel to latest versions (#38)
1 year ago
Joseph Price a2fd01099a
update packages to 0.14.4 (#35)
2 years ago
Thomas Honeyman e851110e1c Update CI and packages for PureScript 0.14
3 years ago
Raptazure 4975e73125
Update to PureScript 0.14 and Halogen 6 (#29)
3 years ago
milesfrain 9858165d57
Convert to Parcel (#26)
4 years ago
Thomas Honeyman 93c34f2214
Update template for Halogen 5 and Spago (#23)
4 years ago