Updated 2020-12-24 08:45:08 +01:00

This is a simple template to play with websockets, IPC (libipc) communications and Halogen. Nothing serious.

Updated 2024-03-20 01:01:24 +01:00

This repository is a template for troff documents. Here is the product, once compiled: https://t.karchnu.fr/doc/grofftut.pdf

Updated 2024-05-12 02:41:33 +02:00

Websocketd is the application allowing the connection to libipc-related services from the websocket protocol.

Updated 2020-12-02 18:58:26 +01:00

This is a generic mailer. It can be used to send emails via a template. In a near future, it will be able to be a daemon so we can request it through libipc.

Updated 2023-02-04 03:16:08 +01:00

OLD IMPLEMENTATION. See https://git.baguette.netlib.re/Baguette/ipc.cr for the new version. LibIPC bindings for the Crystal language. This library also includes JSON and CBOR helpers for network communications.

Updated 2023-02-07 09:03:15 +01:00

Some usable scripts, nothing fancy nor really relevant.

Updated 2023-06-26 12:51:11 +02:00