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service is a tool that deploys and manages dæmons and services.


Youll need crystal and make to build the application, and shards to fetch a few Crystal libraries.

Run shards install to fetch the Crystal libraries.


service uses a build.zsh-generated Makefile. You can run make help to get a list of all available build targets (“make commands”).

make help

To build and install the software with default configuration, run the following:

make install

If you want to alter the installation prefix or destination, use the following syntax:

make PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=/some/fake/root install

If make complains that the Makefile is missing, youll have to generate it with the following command:



Read service.1 and service.7 for more informations about how service is meant to be used.


service add postgresql
service add gitea domain=gitea.test

service start postgresql

service show gitea
service status -v
service status -v gitea