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# /etc/rc.shutdown: system shutdown script
# Load configuration
. /etc/rc.conf
# Set linefeed mode to avoid staircase effect
/bin/stty onlcr
echo "The system is coming down. Please wait."
# Shutdown services
if [ "${SERVICES[*]}" ]; then
for service in "${SERVICES[@]}"; do
R_SERVICES=($service ${R_SERVICES[@]})
for service in "${R_SERVICES[@]}"; do
/etc/rc.d/$service stop &> /tmp/rc.$$
/usr/bin/logger -t $service < /tmp/rc.$$
/bin/rm -f /tmp/rc.$$
# Terminate all processes
/usr/sbin/killall5 -15
/bin/sleep 5
/usr/sbin/killall5 -9
# Save random seed
/bin/dd if=/dev/urandom of=/var/lib/urandom/seed count=1 2> /dev/null
# Save system clock
/sbin/hwclock --systohc
# Write to wtmp file before unmounting
/sbin/halt -w
# Turn off swap
/sbin/swapoff -a
# Unmount file systems
/bin/umount -a -d -r -t nosysfs,noproc,nodevtmpfs
if [ -x /sbin/lvm ]; then
/sbin/vgchange --ignorelockingfailure -a n
/bin/umount -a -r
# Remount root filesystem read-only
/bin/mount -o remount,ro /
# Power off or reboot
if [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "0" ]; then
/sbin/poweroff -d -f -i
/sbin/reboot -d -f -i
# End of file