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name: libcxxabi
version: 8.0.1
# for version 9.X and later
# sources:{version}/libcxxabi-%{version}.src.tar.xz
dirname: %{name}-%{version}.src/lib
mkdir build
cd build
#sed -i -e "/-nostdinc++/d" CMakeLists.txt
cmake ../%{name}-%{version}.src \
-DLIBCXXABI_LIBCXX_INCLUDES=%{prefix}/include/c++/v1 \
cd build
cd build
make DESTDIR="%{pkg}" install
mkdir -p %{pkg}%{prefix}/include
cp ../%{name}-%{version}.src/include/* %{pkg}%{prefix}/include
# cd libcxxabi-%{version}.src/lib
# export CXX="clang++ $CXXFLAGS -I%{prefix}/include/c++/v1/ -I%{prefix}/include"
# ./buildit
# cd libcxxabi-%{version}.src/lib
# mkdir -p %{pkg}%{prefix}/lib
# cp -a libc++abi.* %{pkg}%{prefix}/lib