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@ -4,22 +4,32 @@ These tools are scripts and ways to present point files. They are pre
formatted text files presented in catpoint(1). In /bin is a script to
easily convert markdown files to point files.
See the examples/hello directory for how to use it in real life:
To install md2point and dir2point, do:
% git clone git://git.2f30.org/catpoint
% make
% sudo make install
To get catpoint:
% git clone git://r-36.net/catpoint
% cd catpoint
% make
% cp catpoint $HOME/bin
% cp ../bin/* $HOME/bin
To view the examples:
% cd ../examples/hello
% cat hello.md | md2point
% catpoint *.txt
% dir2point .
There are not many formatting options for now, but its enough for daily
usage. If you need any graph or formatting, use troff(1) and all the
formatting available there.
md2point requires utf8expr gopher://bitreich.org/1/scm/utf8expr/log.gph
Have fun!