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# /etc/packaging.spec configuration file
# where to send built packages
packages-directory: /usr/local/baguette/pkg/
# where to download sources
sources-directory: /usr/local/baguette/src/
# where to build packages
working-directory: /tmp/packaging
# the slot we want for our packages
slotting: /usr/baguette
# prefixes for `packaging` running environment and child processes
# a.k.a. where to search for binaries during the build
- /usr/baguette/
- /
# list of environment variables when building
# we may choose another compiler, provide some CFLAGS, etc.
- CC: clang
- CFLAGS: -Os -Wall
# next three parameters have special meaning
# to provide parameters to the `./configure` script when building
- configure: --disable-nls --without-gettext
# to provide parameters to the `make` command
- make:
# to provide parameters to the final `make install` command
- make install:
# wanna build for another system? not a problem, just add the back-end (we currently have `apk` and `package`)
package-manager: package