OLD IMPLEMENTATION. The new one is in Zig and fucking ROCKS: https://git.baguette.netlib.re/Baguette/libipc Inter-Process Communication library based on unix sockets.
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This project was obsoleted by the new Zig implementation. Code is smaller, simpler and safer to use. Packet format and API are a bit simpler, too.


libipc - Simple, easy-to-use IPC library

See the introductory man page in man/libipc.7.

See the presentation in docs/libipc.md.



Since 0.7

  • libipc have callbacks to use along with switching capabilities, making easier to implement proxies for different communication protocols

Planning for 0.8

For performance improvements within libipc:

  • libipc will be rewritten in Zig -- DONE!
  • libipc shouldn't use realloc for each event (new client, new message, etc.) but by batch of a few thousand elements
  • libipc should use better internal structures, unrequiring the use of loops (over the whole list of messages or connections) for each action

Planning for 0.9

  • libipc should use epoll/kqueue for performance improvements
    • new functions will be added to the API
    • but we'll keep the same API for applications with no need for threading (way simpler implementation)
  • libipc should be thread-safe

Planning for 1.0

  • libipc should have usable bindings in several languages