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# This is the main configuration file of your Dancer2 app
# env-related settings should go to environments/$env.yml
# all the settings in this file will be loaded at Dancer's startup.
# Your application's name
appname: "MyWeb::App"
# The default layout to use for your application (located in
# views/layouts/
layout: "main"
# when the charset is set to UTF-8 Dancer2 will handle for you
# all the magic of encoding and decoding. You should not care
# about unicode within your app when this setting is set (recommended).
charset: "UTF-8"
# template engine
# simple: default and very basic template engine
# template_toolkit: TT
#template: "simple"
template: "template_toolkit"
start_tag: '<%'
end_tag: '%>'
#session: "Storable"
session: "YAML"
logging: "console"