Dnsmanagerd: log change.

Philippe Pittoli 2023-05-06 23:40:02 +02:00
parent 8c0257649d
commit 0ca5ec6f78
1 changed files with 6 additions and 6 deletions

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@ -111,24 +111,24 @@ class DNSManager::Service < IPC
case event.type
when LibIPC::EventType::Timer
Baguette::Log.debug "Timer" if @configuration.print_ipc_timer
Baguette::Log.debug "Timer." if @configuration.print_ipc_timer
when LibIPC::EventType::Connection
Baguette::Log.debug "connection from #{event.fd}"
Baguette::Log.debug "New connection!"
when LibIPC::EventType::Disconnection
Baguette::Log.debug "disconnection from #{event.fd}"
Baguette::Log.debug "Disconnection from #{event.fd}."
@logged_users.delete event.fd
when LibIPC::EventType::MessageTx
Baguette::Log.debug "message sent to #{event.fd}"
Baguette::Log.debug "Message sent to #{event.fd}."
when LibIPC::EventType::MessageRx
Baguette::Log.debug "message received from #{event.fd}"
Baguette::Log.debug "Message received from #{event.fd}."
handle_request event
Baguette::Log.warning "unhandled IPC event: #{event.class}"
Baguette::Log.warning "Unhandled IPC event: #{event.class}."
if event.responds_to?(:fd)
fd = event.fd
Baguette::Log.warning "closing #{fd}"